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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shoo!TAG Cost Analyses & Effectiveness Update

Hi y'all,

As promised, here is my final input on what I've experienced thus far as a Shoo!TAG user. Beginning June 11th, 2009 I purchased tags for all of my animals, including myself. The Equine tags were for fly/mosquito, the Canine tags for flea/tick, the Feline tags for flea/tick, and the Human tag was for mosquito.

None of the tags were effective any longer then 5 weeks though the manufacturer purports the tags will last 4 months and that they will be 40% cheaper to use then Frontline Plus.

Well here are the various cost analyses based on a 5 week effectiveness period. None of the costs calculate in local sales taxes or shipping charges:

Equine: $34.95 for one pack of tags, costs $27.96 a month. Pyranha used twice daily costs $12.50 a month.

Canine: $39.95 for a 2 dog pack costs $15.98 a month per dog. Frontline Plus for the Extra Large dog upto 130lbs. then dosed between 2 smaller dogs at 1.5 mls. & 2.25 mls., with a 0.50 mls. left to divide between 2 cats, costs approximately $6.00 a month per dog (cats treated free).

Feline: $34.95 for a 2 cat pack costs $13.98 per cat, per month to treat. Using the excess Frontline Plus from the dogs, NOT Advantix as it's lethal to cats, makes treating 2 cats free.

Human: $24.98 for one Mosquito tag over a 5 week period brings the cost to $19.96 a month. These tags are worn on all animals and humans, 24/7. Sleeping with a piece of plastic around your neck, like on the horses head, ends up stabbing you in your armpits, your breasts, neck etc. Plus, you still get bit by mosquitoes, though maybe not as bad. I now continue to use my herbal pest sprays, which work just fine, and only cost about $5.00 a season.

Overall, I would NOT depend on these tags in places of any type of pest infestation. Like don't go to the Amazon and think you won't get bit. And don't depend on them with your animals either.

In a clean apartment dwelling, with one tiny animal, bathed and groomed weekly, at 7000 ft. altitude, I'm sure the tags will work just fine, because...there won't be any flies, fleas or ticks to even worry about so of course the tags will work.

So, Shoo!TAG Equine was the most effective of any of the tags. It truly did work quite well on my horse for the first 3 weeks, but diminished in strength daily after that. Plus, even with 2 tags on my horse, one on his mane by the poll of his head, and one on his tail, the energy field was NOT stronger.

Additionally, horses are large animals weighing up to 1200 or more pounds that like to roll in sand/dirt, scratch on trees and fenceboards, run, jump, get things like braids out of their hair, etc., and the Shoo!TAGS do in fact get scratched up, bent, broken, lost etc. They're only flimsy plastic like a credit card, so what else would be expected??? If the horse or its companion goat get a chance...they'll eat them too.

Now, $170.00 later, I can honestly attest to having given this Non-toxic, environmentally safe (though the production of plastic is not eco-friendly) alternative a fair chance and the results have me back to topical pest control, backed up by aggressive inside and outside pest control.

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