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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shoo!TAG Products

Shoo!TAG Products

Hi y'all, I'd like to give a short review of what I've experienced thus far, as a user of Shoo!TAG Products which take upto 36 hrs. to reach maximum effectiveness on healthy animals.

As an owner of a 5 acres mini-farm in Central FL, I have 2 dogs, 4 cats 1 ex-Thoroughbred Racehorse, 1 parrot, and 2 goats (Toggenburg/Boer/Dairy/Texas-Spanish blends). Therefore, I am currently invested in the tags for me as a human (mosquito tags), canine (flea/tick), feline (flea/tick), and equine (fly/mosquito).

I first applied the equine tags (June 11th, 2009) by braiding them into my horse's mane, up by the pole of his head. After 28 hrs. on him, the results were astounding and undeniable. The flies and even gnats just hovered around him, but none were landing on him initially, nor biting. It's now been 12 days, and the results with the equine tags prove to be most exceptional. I typically go through approximately $200.00 a yr. in buying the oil based Pyranha fly spray, and have to apply it twice a day during summer months. Since adhering his Shoo!TAGs, I have not had to apply it at all, but have chosen to put a wee bit on my hand and wipe his face and ears to keep the gnats away from the moisture glands.

On the same day, June 11th, I adhered the dog tags to my dogs' collars, on the tag ring. At that time they also had their rabies tag on, which I positioned to make was sure would not scratch the magnetic strip on the tags, nor flap around, causing friction which could interfere with the frequency barrier for the pest in relation to the energy field of the animal. I used a small piece of scotch tape to stop the tags from moving, careful not to put anything atop of the magnetic strips.

On 6/13 I noticed my wirehaired Hungarian Pointer, Sandy scratching her neck (they'd both had a Frontline Plus treatment on June 1st as their last topical), and my Australian Queensland Heeler, Cowboy was scratching his belly. Upon inspection of Sandy, she had a very happy looking flea and eggs/droppings under her one ear. So, on the 14th I removed the rabies tag on both dogs completely. Cowboy turned out to have scratched a sore on his belly as well, so I put sulfa ointment on it, and it healed up well.

On 6/16 I took the Shoo!TAGs off the ring of the collars and taped them onto the inside of the dog's collars, with the magnetic strip free of the duct tape used, and clean.

On 6/17 I noticed 4-6 flies on my horse's belly, and he was stomping his legs a bit too, indicating biting.

On 6/18 my mosquito tag came and I put it on around my neck, hanging above my solar plexus at 11 a.m.

On 6/20 the feline tags arrived and I'm yet to adhere them to their collars as they need to become accustom to wearing collars again first.

On 6/21, at 8 p.m., 81 hrs. after I put my tags on, 3 mosquitoes were sucking blood out of the exposed area of the lower region of my legs, within 10 seconds of each other. I smashed them and then went back into the house and put long pants on.

Today is 6/23, and my dogs have been scratching more and more daily. I searched Sandy's belly first since she is a white dog, and WOW! lots and lots of fleas running all around! So, the tags have been removed completely off of both dogs now, and have been sent back to Energetic Solutions, Ltd, in Austin, TX for either a replacement (should they determine that the tags were de-magnetized), or a refund if the encoding on the tags proves to be active.

Meanwhile, the Frontline Plus has been reapplied to both of my dogs and the one outdoor cat.

At 12 noon today (6/23) I attached the feline tags to the 2 outdoor cats' collars. When I opened the packaging for the Feline Shoo!TAGs I was surprised to see that the ziplock Static Sensitive Bag was NOT sealed shut tightly, allowing air to get in. Since the tags say 2008 on them, my next question would be whether or not these tags that I paid $34.95 plus S/H are even effective now?

Shoo!TAG's Frequently Asked Questions states:
"Our products do not actually kill the pests and therefore, it offers no home protection from fleas or ticks. An alternative to the use of topical chemicals would be a multi-faceted approach which would include treating the yard, frequent vacuuming of the house and installation of flea traps to eliminate any fleas which are brought into the house and fall off the animals."

As for other precautions I will now take: I'll start to use Sevin-5 dust in the sandy areas where my dogs lay under the Cedar trees, I'll also spread Sevin granules in the grassy areas that surround the equine paddocks where the dogs run. Additionally, I vacuum the house regularly and spray the outside and inside of the house for bugs about every 6 months.

FYI: The health of all animals is tip-top. They all eat holistic foods. The dry food for the cats and dogs is manufactured by Solid Gold, Hund-n-Flocken and Katz-n-Flocken. The horse gets a hot mash daily with apple cider vinegar, ground flax seed, OBS brand Hi-Amo sweet feed, wheat bran, organic carrots, Strong's Minerals, corn oil & several quarts of hot water. Plus, he and the goats eat plenty of Orchard Alfalfa blend shipped in from Wyoming or Colorado. As for me, I'm a lacto-ova vegetarian and have been for over 33 yrs. I eat predominately organic foods, rennet free dairy products (low to no-fat), do not eat eggs, do not drink sodas, do not buy or eat refined or bleached flours or pastas, nor do I eat many sugars, but, I do eat lots and lots of hot peppers both jalapenos and Red and Green chiles from NM. I do not smoke, nor put commercial creams on my skin. I do not use products that contain OMC (synthetic sunscreen) either.


Diana Hoi said...

This was very helpful. Thanks!!

in2books said...

Hi Diane, I'm glad that you found the comment helpful. That was the purpose of my post, to give first hand testimony to the effectiveness of the product. I sent a new picture of my horse and two cats into my Twitter account showing both my cats and my horse in their tags. The yellow tabby was totally flea free as of yesterday, Sunday the 28th, and my horse is still reaping the benefits of no flies or mosquitoes that I know of, 18 days after I braided the tags into his mane. Go to http://twitter.com/SantaFeSandy/status/2386389459