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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Genetics and Societal Norms: Rising Above the Collision

Today, Thurs. Sept. 3, 2009 it came to my attention that on Sept. 8th, our President is planning an historic event to become the first president ever to address the entire nation's school children, K-12, via a live-feed. Upon researching into this matter just a wee bit, I stumbled onto this poster containing a partial quote by Michelle Obama. Between the poster art and the quote, I couldn't help but to think about a Research Paper I wrote back in 2005 for a Psychology class I was in, about Hitler, a historical figure who also sought to gain control over the minds of youth.

Ironically, while Obama's coming attempt is being linked to indoctrination and propaganda, as witnessed years ago, the subject matter of my paper, education, is the exact vehicle he is using to gain access into the hearts of our youth through the eye, ear and mind gates.

Proverbs 4:23 warns us, "Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life." The John MacArthur Study Bible Notes explain that, "the heart commonly refers to the mind as the center of thinking and reason (3:3; 6:21; 7:3), but also includes the emotions (15:15,30), the will (11:20; 14;14), and thus the whole inner being (3:5). The heart is the depository of all wisdom and the source of whatever affects speech (v.24), slight (v.25), and conduct (vv.26, 27).

Here is my paper, which I hope you enjoy, but please don't plagiarize, and be warned about coming events.


Genetics and Societal Norms: Rising Above the Collision
Sandra J. Koster
Developmental Psychology

There comes a point in each of our lives when we must, as individuals, decide who and what we will become. Usually, a combination of our ancestry and the cultural elements in which we were raised will most influence the outcome of our decision. Our decision, initially perceived by us as insignificant in light of how it may benefit or harm, will have lingering, if not profound effects within our family, our community and even society at large.

Genetics and Societal Norms: Rising above the Collision will highlight two key historical figures: George Washington Carver, and Adolf Hitler. They were from diversely different backgrounds both genetically (nature) and culturally (nurture), that were diametrically opposed.

Both were men of great intelligence who were ahead of their time with their futuristic visions. Both overcame adversity, had loyal followers, and had financial backing for their specific causes, and yet, somewhere along the "global line", genetics and societal norms collided for each of them. Almost 65 years later, the repercussions from these collisions still shake the world, though, one for the positive and one for the negative. So, let's review the up-rearing of these two men and the overriding drive that propelled them forward in an attempt to answer the "why" that both lives presented.

First, we need to know how the Life-Span Human Development textbook defines the "Nature-Nurture Issue". They define it as, "the debate over the relative importance of biological predisposition (nature) and environmental influences (nurture) as determinants of human development" (Sigelman et al, 2006, p. G-9).

Despite the genetic makeup of the many differing people groups that make up this world, such as the African American, Semitic, East Indian, Asian, European, or Hispanic peoples, etc., the blood they were born with cannot be changed, does not devalue the individual and should not be discriminated against. Additionally, the culture in which each individual is raised also has certain "societal norms" within it based upon their belief systems, and these "norms" also have values which need to be respected as well. The environmental elements within each society influence the individual to either create or destroy, and become part of the fabric of who they are.

Or, as the developmental biologist Gilbert Gotieb has put forth in his modern
evolutionary-epigenetic systems perspective on development:

Development is the product of complex interplays between nature and nurture—that is, between interacting biological and environmental forces that form a larger system. . . .Environmental factors influence the activity of genes just as genes influence environment. . . . The message is clear: genes do not determine anything. They are partners with environment in directing organisms, including humans, along certain universal developmental pathways as well as in unique directions. . . . And there is no point trying to figure out how much of an individual's traits and behavior is caused by nature and how much is caused by nurture because genes and environment "coact." (Sigelman et al, 2006, pgs. 46-47).

With this perspective in mind, let's take a brief walk through the life of George Washington Carver before we review Hitler's life, and conclude with a comparison and contrast of the two lives.

George Washington Carver was born in 1864 and died January 5, 1943. Born to a slave mother, kidnapped by Confederate nightraiders, oppressed and persecuted his entire life for being born black, agricultural scientist, inventor and contributor to the wellness of all mankind, George Washington Carver is remembered today as a creative genius who developed more than 300 derivative food and industrial products from the peanut and more than 100 from the sweet potato. He overcame the barriers of racial prejudice and discrimination to achieve worldwide recognition as a man of science and a great humanitarian. "But he was also a man of deep faith who gave credit to God, “The Great Creator,” for all of his discoveries. George Washington Carver was truly a man of science and servant of God. He denounced the "White American" cultural thinking of the day that disbelieved that a black man could practice science. While it was also said that "science and religion" didn't mix, Carver never made a major move in his creative expertise without giving God the credit. He walked, talked, and communed with God, taking the time to see the beauty of the world around him each day, while he affirmed the value of each person he came into contact with" (Carver).

Carver was a humble man whose life emulated the principle of the Golden Rule in that, despite the hardships that he and his mother endured and never having known who his father was, he was able to put the pain of his afflictions behind him and instead choose to help others in need. He is quoted as saying, "The primary idea in all of my work was to help the farmer and fill the poor man's empty dinner pail. My idea is to help the 'man farthest down', this is why I have made every process just as simply as I could to put it within his reach" (Carver).

There is truth to the epitaph on the grave of George Carver Washington which says, "He could have added fortune to fame, but caring for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world." You see, Carver became well known throughout the world and he even "declined an invitation to work for Thomas A. Edison at a salary of more than $100,000. a year. Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Franklin Roosevelt visited him, and his friends included Henry A. Wallace, a vice president under Franklin Roosevelt, Henry Ford, and Mohandas Gandhi. Foreign governments requested his counsel on agricultural matters: Joseph Stalin, for example, in 1931 invited him to Russia to superintend cotton plantations in southern Russia and to make a tour of the U.S.S.R., but Carver refused" (Carver, 1990, p. 913).

"Regardless of his endearing qualities many people, including other scientists and some blacks, were still critical of him and suspicious of his references to God as a collaborator in the laboratory. For the skeptics, because of Carver's modesty, in conjunction with his eccentric dress and mannerism, and his attempt to live up to Christian teachings, Carver came off as unbelievable and he gave the impression that he disapproved the conventional pleasures and rewards of this life" (Carver, 1990, p. 913).

Yet, despite ongoing persecution throughout his life, including racial atrocities at a time when being black often resulted in being either hung or burnt alive, as well as the discrimination he suffered at the hands of his own people whom he spent his life trying to help, nonetheless, George Washington Carver chose to rise above it all and walk in integrity. He chose the higher, nobler path—not to hate, but to forgive. Or as Abraham Lincoln once said, "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?" Carver turned what seemed to be obstacles into stepping stones on the path that God laid out for him. By his account, it was service that measured success, not money.

Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the humanitarian spectrum and across the North Atlantic Ocean, during the same time frame that George Washington Carver was making his mark on the world through science, Adolf Hitler was rising to power on Germany's political scene. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria and died on April 30, 1945 in Berlin. He was the dictator of Germany from 1933 – 1945, Fuhrer, and chancellor. During his early life:

Adolf received a secondary education and, although he had a poor record at school and failed to secure the usual certificate, did not leave until he was 16 (1905). There followed two idle years in Linz, when he indulged in grandiose dreams of becoming an artist without taking any steps to prepare for earning his living. . . . His ambition was to become an art student, but he twice failed to secure entry to the Academy of Fine Arts. For some years he lived a lonely, frustrated and isolated life, earning a precarious livelihood…and drifted from one municipal lodging house to another.

Hitler already showed traits that characterized his later life: inability to establish ordinary human relationships; intolerance and hatred both of the established bourgeois world and of non-German peoples, especially the Jew; a tendency toward passionate, denunciatory outbursts; readiness to live in a world of fantasy and so to escape his poverty and failure.

In 1913 Hitler moved to Munich. Temporarily recalled to Austria to be examined for military service (February 1914), he was rejected as unfit; but when World War I broke out he volunteered for the German army and joined the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment. He served throughout the war, was wounded in October 1916, and was gassed two years later. He was still hospitalized when the war ended. . . . He greeted war with enthusiasm, as a great relief from the frustration and aimlessness of his civilian life. He found comradeship, discipline, and participation in conflict intensely satisfying and was confirmed in his belief in authoritarianism, inequality, and the heroic virtues of war (Hitler, 1990, p. 624-628).

Hitler was so anti-government and rebellious that he found great approval and voice among other dissatisfied former servicemen of the German Worker's Party, and from it the Nazi Party began. Hitler's "strong arm" squads liked to exploit violence for the impression of strength it gave, and any perceived enemy to the German Worker's Party became subject to their self-imposed disciplinary measures. "Behind Marxism Hitler saw the greatest enemy of all, the Jew, who was for Hitler the very incarnation of evil, a mythical figure into which he projected all that he feared and hated" (Hitler, 1990, p. 624-627).

Once in power, Hitler proceeded to establish an absolute dictatorship. "As dictator, Hitler then turned his attention to foreign policy and World War II (1939-1945). His "new order" for Europe called for indiscriminate extermination of whole peoples; the Jews of Europe were the most numerous among victims of the barbarism. Hitler retreated to the chancellory in Berlin in January 1945 and, in the face of impending defeat, committed suicide" (Hitler, 1990, p. 950-951).

So there we have it, Hitler was a disillusioned psychopath until his very last breath, and his fears and insecurities drove him to such a crazed state that he tried to enlist the services of the world to murder all those individuals he thought to be inferior. His view on genetic makeup collided with his belief system in the most monumental way this world has ever witnessed. So what was the deciding factor between him and George Washington Carver, which made them into such distinctly different human-beings? Why did Carver retain a heart of compassion in light of his torments, whereas Hitler became increasingly embittered? What we do know, and Plato said it well, is that "Poverty consists not in the decrease of one's possession but in the increase of one's greed." Is it possible that despite Hitler's professed "Superior" bloodline of which he was a product, and despite his maniacal pursuits, what really determined his destructive life course was his pride and greed? Hitler's whole life revolved around focusing on him, his wants and his attempts to convince everybody else to embrace his demented way of thinking.

Carver, on the other hand, opted to think of others and sought to serve them throughout his life. His focus was upward, his action was outward, and his reflection was inward, and he emphasized the individual worth of a single person, regardless of race, religion, status or creed. He constantly denied himself for the better of mankind, and when he departed this earth, he left it a better place. He gave sound and timeless advice when he said, "How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these" (Carver).

In conclusion, what have we learned about the influences of genetics having an overriding effect on our developmental psychology? Will genetics predetermine our course in life or are we simply predisposed to certain traits? What about our environment? Does poverty and hardship conclusively determine that we are destined to remain in such a state? Or is what we become in life still our decision afterall? I'd have to close in citing The Declaration of Independence on this matter as the answer to all the above questions, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" (Congress: 1776, 1989, p. 699-702).

Happiness, well-being, who we become, character and integrity, are all attributes that we have the power to control and direct in our life, regardless of circumstances. Herman Spertus summed up this individual choice well in his opening letter in The Holocaust Chronicle when he said, "Of all the virtues we bestow upon ourselves and others, one of the greatest is education. The educated person has learned to be empathetic to the origins, needs, and feelings of others. Education fosters tolerance and the capacity for love—the love for one's family, and for the greater human family that includes us all. . . . And so by learning and teaching, we aspire not just to knowledge but to compassion and understanding. We make ourselves whole" (Harran, Kuntz, Lemmons, Michael, Pickus, & Roth, 2000, p.12).

As the history books present it, George Washington Carver excelled in the education he fought for and attained, whereas Hitler did not. Therefore, if education were the determinant as to why these two men's perception on life was so different, perhaps Hitler should have spent less time worrying about genetics and more time promoting higher education. What a different world we'd have today if that were so.


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

What God Requires of Us vs. the Sin we See

As per God's Word, there are 2 verses specifically, among many others, that the Lord impresses upon my heart regarding sin, warning, and accountability. Here is the first verse about the actions of a sinner needing to be called into accountability lest their actions go unrebuked and their hearts become set to repeat the sin, thereby establishing a pattern of rebellion, aka a behavior.

Ecclesiastes 8:11 (NKJV) - "Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil."

In the NLT: "When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel safe to do wrong."

In the NASB: "Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed quickly, therefore the hearts of the sons of men among them are given fully to do evil."

Like with the Watchman on the wall in Ezekiel's day, when a person is involved in an action that is clearly a sin per God, He instructs us to warn them and if we choose NOT to, because we are afraid of "ruffling their feathers" or the discomfort of doing so, then God says that WE will be held accountable in their stead.!!! That's scary. Therefore, as in the second verse, if we warn them and they choose NOT to turn away from their sinful actions or omissions, then our soul will be delivered from all part of their iniquity.

Ezekiel 3:18, 19 (NKJV) - These verses, from now on, will be copied from the Blue Letter Bible, a great study tool of a Chuck Smith ministry, and if you click on the individual verse citations, you will be able to read a variety of Scripture helps including a list of commentaries about them. Here is the website URL: http://blueletterbible.org/

Eze 3:18 "When I say to the wicked, 'You shall surely die,' and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand.
Eze 3:19 "Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.

Per the NLT:
Eze 3:18 If I warn the wicked, saying, `You are under the penalty of death,' but you fail to deliver the warning, they will die in their sins. And I will hold you responsible, demanding your blood for theirs.
Eze 3:19 If you warn them and they keep on sinning and refuse to repent, they will die in their sins. But you will have saved your life because you did what you were told to do.

Per the NASB:
Eze 3:18 "When I say to the wicked, 'You will surely die,' and you do not warn him or speak out to warn the wicked from his wicked way that he may live, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.
Eze 3:19 "Yet if you have warned the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness or from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered yourself.

The whole topic of a "sinful" matter comes under the heading of Accountability first:

There are a variety of types of accountability: Restorative; Preventative; Constructive; & Task-Oriented.

Denial (2Sam. 12:1-7) and Lies (Col. 3:9) "If a person is not willing to admit mistakes or failures, there can be no accountability."

Blame (Gen. 3:11-13) and Pride (Rom. 12:16) are enemies or obstacles to accountability being effective. "Humility is a cornerstone of accountability...and it is not easy to make oneself vulnerable to another person's scrutiny" (The Soul Care Bible, pg. 966).

"When a group meets for accountability, questions are asked that encourage honesty and revelation. 'Have you lied to anyone since we last met?' is an example of the type of questions that can provide structure to the meeting. "

"Accountability brings the body of Christ together in a supportive way to encourage us to grow in Christ. It allows the development and use of our gifts and promotes unity within the body. We grow by doing what is right. Through accountability, our faith is strengthened by the example of other's obedience" (TSCB, pg. 966).

For a believer to enter into a carnal lifestyle (aka "the brethren") evidences unacceptable behavior that shows an active, on-going action of the chosen sin that makes God a harlot and the sinning believer an adulterer in his lifestyle. An on-going action is not the same as a "Peter thing" of backsliding by his denials of Christ over a several day period.

The sin of adultery is an important topic for several reasons.

First, for a marriage to be restored, it's important to retain a heart of forgiveness and humility in order for that restoration to be possible.

Second, the faithful spouse, any children of the marriage, the church and God, have been offended by the adulterer, and confession and true repentance (a broken and contrite heart that turns a 180 from the sin and realigns with God's holy standards) needs to occur. God's Word says that unless there's a Biblical divorce, the sinning spouse makes anybody he/she gets with after the fact an adulterer too, by association.

Now we go to the book of Hosea, Hosea, whose heart was broken by his wayward spouse, Gomer, seeking intimacy with someone else. But "despite the hurt and anguish that Hosea experienced by Gomer's actions, he went to great lengths to find Gomer and bring her home." But just like how wayward Israel hurt and wounded God by their spiritual infidelity, He loved them and wanted them back." This is a good book to read in order to see a spirit of forgiveness in action as it relates to God and Homer.

"People faced with adultery struggle with some of the most painful of human emotions: abandonment and betrayal, as well as anger and despair. Although adultery strikes at the heart of the marriage covenant, forgiveness and healing are possible, and broken marriages can be and are being restored" (The Soul Care Bible, pg. 1128).

The God I serve, the God that is the Savior of my life and who has Headship of it, Jesus the Christ, is the God of the resurrection, and He alone makes what appears to be dead, live again. He can take a broken and bruised life, or marriage, and restore it or you back to glory beyond all comprehension.

In God I trust (Psalm 71), what about you?

A few Quick References:

Accountability: Jer. 3:11

Adultery: Hos. 1

Boundaries: Ex. 20:1-17

Depression: Psalm 130

Divorce/Separation: Deut. 24:1-4

Family Life: Josh. 24:15

Family Problems: Gen. 25

Fatherhood: 1 Chron. 3:1

Forgiveness: 2 Cor. 2:5-11

Healing/Recovery: James 5:14

Health/Spiritual: 2 Sam. 12:1-23

Hope: Jer. 29

Jealousy: 1 Peter 2:1

Loneliness: Ps. 69:1-8

Love: 1 Cor. 13

Love Languages: 1 John 4:12

Marital Communication: 1 Pet. 3:1-9

Marital Problems: Col. 3:18-19

Marriage: Mark 10:1-12

Obedience: 2 John 6

Pain: 2 Cor. 12:9

Prayer: Mat. 6:5-13

Premarital Relationships: Ruth 3:10-14

Relationships: Eccl. 4:9

Repentance: Ps. 51

Responsibility: Jer. 1:8-10

Restoration: John 21:15-19

Sexual Integrity: 2 Tim. 2:22

Sexual Sin: 1 Thes. 4:5

Sin: 1 Kin. 8:31-40

Singleness: Matt. 19:12

Temptation: Gen. 39:6-15

Truth: Zech. 8:16, 17

Values: Gal. 5:22

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My 2008 e-Portfolio Archived

Sandra J. Koster's


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Personal Statement........................................ 1
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My name is SJK and I [was] am currently enrolled in the Paralegal Program at the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC). While I still have 2.5 semesters left before completing the Paralegal Program, I've been contemplating the idea of focusing my legal attentions on the field of Intellectual Property. Certainly this decision is likely to change as I continue to learn more about the many fields available within the legal camp.

Being as my heart's passion has always been Healthcare, and since I have many years of experience working in it with humans as well as Equine, namely Thoroughbred Race Horses, there is a great chance that my future in the legal profession will embrace aspects from both worlds.

Genetics are near and dear to my heart and since Pedigree is of paramount importance to racehorse breeders, I can certainly see how genetic engineering could possibly take a "front-seat" role one day within the racing industry. Additionally, we already know that DNA evidence and gene manipulation are of serious importance in the legal camp as well as the Medical world, which equates to future needs for workers that are well versed in these areas.

Given this awareness, one can readily see how important securing patents on this type of intellectual property already is and will continue to become. Bio-technologies and e-technologies have become huge businesses globally.

Therefore, being a "detail oriented, critical thinker" with a scientific mindset, I am confident that I will be an asset to the right legal firm in the very near future.

In addition to my personal educational goals, I find relaxation and invigoration by applying myself to a number of other interests:

Helping to serve other's needs.

Animal Welfare: rescue, rehabilitation, placement, and adoption.

Environmental Protection: education, awareness, recycling, energy efficiency, and all aspects involving our global warming concerns. Let's go "Green"!

Cooking: Gourmet vegetarian, all natural and organic, and hot and spicy.




Medical issues: Bio-technologies, anatomy & physiology, genetics, terminology, 3rd World issues.

Legal issues

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Cytogenetic Technician, Senior Tech. Dec. 1987 to March 2002

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"All friendly feelings toward others come from the friendly feelings a person has for himself" -- unknown

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In dedication to my brilliant and inspiring Mother, Patricia M. Koster, who spent her life filling her mind with a wealth of knowledge so that she could be "all things, to all men, all the time". The saying, "Books fall open, you fall in," is a testimony to her life. [picture missing]

She was born in 1927 and died on July 11, 2006. Below is a copy of the painting that my deceased uncle, Eugene Koster, painted of her during the 1950's. Norman Rockwell found this painting to be the best, in an art show my uncle had some of his works on display in. He painted another portrait of my Mom's sister, my Aunt, which is equally as beautiful. They were real "lookers" in their day! [picture missing]

My Mom grew up to become an avid, trophy winning golfer when few women were in the sport. She also had an "eagle eye" for shooting a rifle and was known as the Annie Oakley of her day. She won "clay pigeon" shooting competitions as well.

This is her as a young girl. [picture missing]

Even as a young girl, she was moved to be heard and wrote the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to address the needs of her father, my grandfather, who was out of work during the recession. He wrote her back and while sympathizing about the misfortunes and hardships of the times, FDR encouraged my mom to become a leader in the Girl Scouts. And a leader she was.

My Mom and Aunt went on to become executive secretaries for E.I. DuPont, and stayed with the Company for over 30 years. My Mom was a giving and understanding soul, not standing in judgment of anybody. She constantly gave out of the abundance of her own poverty, unselfishly, not expecting anything in return.

My Mom spent the last 4 years of her life living with me in FL where she had opportunity to relax on the screened-in porch, do her crossword puzzles, drink her tea and watch the vast array of migrating and local birds come to our feeders, along with the 50 million squirrels, and observe the wild looking Florida spiders and bugs…which constantly fascinated us both. She too loved animals, was also a former equestrian, and especially adored her cat, Lotus Blossom (a Snow Shoe). [picture missing]

Now that my Mom has passed, my relationship with her only sibling, my Aunt Dolores, has taken on its own beautiful hue. She has become my new confidant, counselor and friend; the roles my Mom once held. Below is a picture of my Aunt Dolores and Uncle Jack (also deceased), that I took of them in DE around 1988.

I applaud my Aunt for assuming such an influential role in my life and I'd like to lift up all those people, younger and older, who take on a mentoring position in the life of another. Afterall, we really are "our brother's keeper".

The heart and crown insignia are representative of my chosen "colors" as a former professional jockey. I own a racehorse by the name of Herz Koenig. His name is German for Heart King, or King of Hearts. This is where placing the heart over the crown comes into play. I have named my property (a corner parcel) after my horse and the Lord Jesus, The King of Hearts, who provided it for me and my Mom.. It is called, Koenig's Korner.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shoo!TAG Cost Analyses & Effectiveness Update

Hi y'all,

As promised, here is my final input on what I've experienced thus far as a Shoo!TAG user. Beginning June 11th, 2009 I purchased tags for all of my animals, including myself. The Equine tags were for fly/mosquito, the Canine tags for flea/tick, the Feline tags for flea/tick, and the Human tag was for mosquito.

None of the tags were effective any longer then 5 weeks though the manufacturer purports the tags will last 4 months and that they will be 40% cheaper to use then Frontline Plus.

Well here are the various cost analyses based on a 5 week effectiveness period. None of the costs calculate in local sales taxes or shipping charges:

Equine: $34.95 for one pack of tags, costs $27.96 a month. Pyranha used twice daily costs $12.50 a month.

Canine: $39.95 for a 2 dog pack costs $15.98 a month per dog. Frontline Plus for the Extra Large dog upto 130lbs. then dosed between 2 smaller dogs at 1.5 mls. & 2.25 mls., with a 0.50 mls. left to divide between 2 cats, costs approximately $6.00 a month per dog (cats treated free).

Feline: $34.95 for a 2 cat pack costs $13.98 per cat, per month to treat. Using the excess Frontline Plus from the dogs, NOT Advantix as it's lethal to cats, makes treating 2 cats free.

Human: $24.98 for one Mosquito tag over a 5 week period brings the cost to $19.96 a month. These tags are worn on all animals and humans, 24/7. Sleeping with a piece of plastic around your neck, like on the horses head, ends up stabbing you in your armpits, your breasts, neck etc. Plus, you still get bit by mosquitoes, though maybe not as bad. I now continue to use my herbal pest sprays, which work just fine, and only cost about $5.00 a season.

Overall, I would NOT depend on these tags in places of any type of pest infestation. Like don't go to the Amazon and think you won't get bit. And don't depend on them with your animals either.

In a clean apartment dwelling, with one tiny animal, bathed and groomed weekly, at 7000 ft. altitude, I'm sure the tags will work just fine, because...there won't be any flies, fleas or ticks to even worry about so of course the tags will work.

So, Shoo!TAG Equine was the most effective of any of the tags. It truly did work quite well on my horse for the first 3 weeks, but diminished in strength daily after that. Plus, even with 2 tags on my horse, one on his mane by the poll of his head, and one on his tail, the energy field was NOT stronger.

Additionally, horses are large animals weighing up to 1200 or more pounds that like to roll in sand/dirt, scratch on trees and fenceboards, run, jump, get things like braids out of their hair, etc., and the Shoo!TAGS do in fact get scratched up, bent, broken, lost etc. They're only flimsy plastic like a credit card, so what else would be expected??? If the horse or its companion goat get a chance...they'll eat them too.

Now, $170.00 later, I can honestly attest to having given this Non-toxic, environmentally safe (though the production of plastic is not eco-friendly) alternative a fair chance and the results have me back to topical pest control, backed up by aggressive inside and outside pest control.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Radiography Webpages Preserved

Hi Y'all,

On Oct. 26, 2009 Yahoo will be shutting down the Geocities branch of their various available applications (which was free, but new services for $60.+ a yr. are available), so for those of us that would like to reference the material we posted, we have to save it to our system or post it elsewhere before the cut-off date. Therefore, I'm attempting to preserve my writings here. This page was my first attempt to creat a webpage, while applied to the Radiography Program of Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL, back in 2005. Have fun rereading the archives!



Career Web Project
SLS1101, AM2
Teacher: Donna Musselman

Photo Gallery


Radiologic Technologists and Technicians

Radiologic Technologist

Professional Organizations:

American Society of Radiologic Technologist

American College of Veterinary Radiology

Schools, Colleges, or Universities:

University of Pennsylvania: School of Veterinary Medicine

Santa Fe Community College, Radiography Program - [dead link now]


ACVR-Veterinary Radiology - [dead link now]

Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital, Radiologic Technicians

North Florida Regional Medical Center

Non-Web Sources:

Merrill's Atlas of Radiographic Positions & Radiologic Procedures

Principles of Radiographic Imaging

Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography

A very special thank you to Jimmy Yawn of SFCC's Career Resource Center for all his help in creating this webpage. Without his instruction this project would not have happened. Bless you Jimmy!

rev. June 24, 2006
web hosting 174 viewers as of Aug. 6, 2009


Hi y'all,
My name is Sandra Koster and I've applied to the Radiography Program at SFCC. SFCC stands for Santa Fe Community College, of which there are currently 2 in the United States. While I transferred from SFCC located in Santa Fe, NM, I am now attending SFCC in Gainesville, FL, where I reside. There is no affiliation between the two schools aside from their name.

This Website is my attempt to share with you the direction and progress of my life while remaining a source of encouragement to those of you, who like me, have found yourselves "starting over" with a new career midway through your life.

After extensive investigation and much thought, I have chosen to present a number of sources directly associated with Radiology which are distinctly different from one another, yet still part of the same medical discipline.

I hope that these links will help to stimulate your mind to "think outside the box," so to speak, whether choosing a new career or starting over, and regardless of the direction in which your life seems to be going, remember that it's important to retain a good attitude.


To begin with, the photographs that you viewed on the opening page of this website are of me just after a serious racehorse riding accident involving a speed of 44 mph., and my being catapulted into a very large and firm 3/4's pole much like an Oak tree. The collision left me with a broken ankle, a broken tibia, a huge lateral femoral lesion, 2 torn ligaments (MLC & PCL), a huge hematoma on my thigh that I was told I'd have died from had it have ruptured, a concussion, a sprained neck, brain trauma, brain stem injury, migraines, 7 broken teeth, TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome), vertigo, numbness and paralysis due to 2 herniated disks in my neck, 2 herniated disks in my lower lumbar, and stammering and stuttering where I used to be very articulate in my speech.

Three surgeries later, and a full month spent in the VAX-D Lumbar traction program, I am now enrolled as a full time student at the Santa Fe Community College and have applied to their Radiography Program in hopes that I will be selected as one of 30 students to participate in the program, out of approximately 300 students to have applied. Coming from a racing background, while these odds sound horrible, one time I did win on a 125/1 shot at Atlantic City Race Couse in NJ, so remaining optimistic about 10/1 odds now is no problem.

Sometimes these career changes in our life come of our own selection, and other times, like mine, we're thrust into them. Whatever the reason, I've come to learn that there is truth to the saying, "blessed are the flexible for they will not be broken." While I sustained lots of "physical" breaks, humans are basically fragile and we are susceptible to lots of other types of breaks and fragmentation as well. For instance, psychologically it is very hard for most of us to adjust to the reality that our entire life has been uprooted in an instance and now we must attempt to pickup the pieces of our shattered existence and start afresh, and typically this requires re-education, as in returning to college. In mid-life, this can be very scary.

What I have found to be essential in such circumstances is "full surrender". A complete acceptance of the need to totally reformat your life. It requires that you abandon yourself to God, and trust that he will provide your "daily bread" so to speak, both literally and figuratively. For me, faith and trust in the Lord is what sustained me throughout this entire horrific ordeal, and continues to equip me to "keep on keepin on". It's been 15 months now since the date of my injury, which was March 13, 2005, and the uncertainties of my future continue to haunt me being as I don't yet have solid footing on my future. Humans are creatures of habit, we like the security that comes with routine and to date, that security still eludes me.

While I have a "game plan" outlined, only the Lord knows what will truly come to pass. So, until such a time as when I know more, I shall just press forward with the course of action laid out before me, taking each thing that comes into my life on a moment by moment basis but remaining optimistic regardless. This brings us to the present--my being a college student in my 40's.

There are many thoughts that come into a person's mind when they re-enter the world of higher education and they are out of a job, lacking the freedoms and liberties that a stable income provides (and what we "had" been accustom to), all the while being under the gun, so to speak, in meeting the financial obligations that one is already committed to. Weeding out the new career possibilities and weighing out the benefits of those selections to determine a final course of action becomes paramount.

As I was putting this web page together, which is an assignment for a class I'm taking this summer semester in hopes of gaining the points that come with obtaining an "A", (the Radiography Program offers approximately 9 additional courses that students can take as extras in order to accrue points to become more competitive in the selection process for the program), I came upon an interesting link which I'd like to share with you. Regardless of whether or not you're selecting a new career or perhaps looking for the "greener pastures" that come with a career change, it does demand reflection so I encourage you to check out the thoughts of another total stranger who has also contemplated the positive and negative aspects associated with such a change. Because in my perception this guy appears to be smart, makes sense, is accomplished, is going places, and is subject to all the variables of uncertainty like all the rest of us are, I recommend that you check out what he has to say. The following link which will take you to an article written by graphic designer Jonathan Gayman, based out of New York city, titled "Designing Greener Pastures" contains his thoughts on this subject.

Now, having cleared up my background information, let's get back to the positive aspects of my bright and brilliant future yet to be, in the field of Radiography. Coming to the realization that Radiography was to be the field of study that I needed to apply myself to was actually very simple. First off, I made a list of those areas of study that I know that I'm gifted in. I then researched what vocational programs were being offered by all the schools within a 60 mile radius of my home. Then I counted the costs of my monthly overhead and sought out "financial aid" for students in my bracket as well as applied for retraining through the Dept. of Ed, Worker's Compensation division. Following that, I considered what types of environments I function best in, for instance, I'm an outdoors kind of person that is allergic to cigarette smoke and am chemically sensitive as well. Therefore, working in closed-in environments subject to a lot of artificial smells and synthetic heat doesn't work well with my "system". Keeping that in mind, I also considered the fact that like all things living, I'm too am still aging.

As we get older, we need to have a realistic view of what we plan on doing for work during our "golden years," and we also become fixed on obtaining a job with good healthcare benefits. Then, there is the very real acceptance of the new physical limitations I have after coming close to death from getting all broken up like I did. After weighing my options carefully and praying about it, I based my decision on all the above criteria and reviewed the median salary ranges for a Radiographer (as well as a Paralegal should "Plan A" fall through). I concluded that if I was to apply my skills in the clinical setting of a hospital for humans, then the sterile aspects and temperature control of that environment would work well for me. Especially since I've already worked in such an environment for 15 years in Santa Fe, NM as a Cytogenetic Technician. But if I'd like to apply my skills to helping Thoroughbred racehorses, like Barbaro, then that would be like icing on the cake since I'd be both inside and outside, with people and with animals, especially large horses with a temperament that I can relate to and love.

So, thinking outside of the box, despite the limitations that I've been restricted to now by my Neurosurgeon, meaning "no more riding racehorses as a profession", I'm still able-bodied enough to help others, and helping others is what it's all about anyway. What I've learned from the multitude of injuries I've sustained, and all the many tests I've had to undergo, namely: Radiographs, MRI's (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT-Scans (Computed Tomography), brain scans, electrophoresis, nerve conduction studies, learning how to walk all over again, aqua-therapy, physio-therapy, deep massage therapy, aptitude tests etc., that there is a great big need out there in our little tiny world for healthcare workers who are empathetic to the patients in their sufferings and life disruptions that real life presents. And once again, that need transcends the human element to include all life. Animals can't communicate with a language that we are most familiar with therefore, we must be tuned-in to being able to hear their heart's cry and know what they need and what would bring them comfort. Unfortunately, Thoroughbred Race Horses have been falsely labeled as being "unruly, fractious, psycho, nuts, crazy, etc.," and nothing could be further from the truth. They are an elegant, majestic creature of the finest caliber that closed-minded people don't bother to take the time to understand. I've spent about 15 years working with racehorses and own one myself. They will be your best friend, and play with you much like a big dog if you let them. Well, the lack of vested interest in communications is how it is to a great degree within the hospital settings too, among healthcare workers. Because they for the most part, don't feel the pain and suffering of the injured party, or because the injured party may happen to be of a different culture and adhere to different societal norms, unfortunately, the "supposedly educated" healthcare worker chooses to ignore the pain, suffering and need of the patient rather then taking the time to dig deep inside of themselves and apply themselves to understanding what is trying to be conveyed. And I know this is true first hand, and not just in Florida, but all over the world.

Therefore, when one does come across that certain healthcare worker that truly cares about your wellbeing and opts to go out of their way to accommodate you, they touch your life so deeply that you'll never forget the love that was conveyed. For instance, there was a time that I was injured in a race at the Fairgrounds Race Track in New Orleans, LA. I was on the X-Ray table and extremely nauseous and very upset because I'd left my dog in my car (not thinking that a routine exam was going to get me admitted in the hospital), in some parking lot, with a hand gun in the glovebox, and my dog needed to go to the bathroom.

Well, my anxiety over these matters was making me even more ill and febrile, so, the Radiography technologist assured me that she'd take care of matters. And she did. She went out in search of my car on her lunch break, found it, approached my car with a Dobbie Shepard mix in it, made friends with him (Astro), took him for a walk, hid my handgun, called my brother to come get my dog, and then brought me an apple, being as I'm a vegetarian and she thought that it would make me feel better. Well let me tell you, this girl so touched my life that now, some 24 years later, I've applied to take up the cause of helping others through Radiography that she began all those years ago. I don't know where she is these days, or what her name was, as over the years I'd lost touch with her, but nonetheless, her choice of actions in caring for a total stranger, in a big and out of the ordinary way, touched my life forever and made all the difference.

Moving on up to the more recent present, it was this past Christmas that I had to have my neck fused. I had that work done at North Florida Regional Medical Center, in Gainesville. I will tell you, the day of my surgery was December 14th, 2005, and the shift of nurses that worked the operating room for neck and spinal injuries, and then those that worked the floor that night in the neck and spinal ward, were the most loving and compassionate group of ladies and men, that I've ever experienced aside from that Radiography Tech. There is nothing like waking up in pain, feeling like hell, and having somebody come to your aid who really cares about you and your needs, no matter how small they may be perceived to be.

Those particular folks at NFRMC that day and night, were so genuine. I've never met a group of people so called to their profession as those nurses. They sincerely have servant's hearts and that makes all the difference in the world to a patient.

If I am selected into the Radiography Program, I will be looking to sign-on to working in the Radiology department of North Florida Regional Medical Center first and foremost. After that, I'll be considering my options working with my former employer, Adena Springs South, a Racing Thoroughbred Farm in Ocala, in their yet to be developed Equine Medical Center. God bless you all and stay positive in your career search, and do remember that being "healthy" is about wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Bye you, and have a great day!

UPDATE: As of Aug. 2006, (one month after my Mother passed on) I was notified by SFCC that I did not draw into their Radiography Program. While my dear friend in Santa Fe, Tom Reed had committed to sponsoring my education to continue in the healthcare programs, he unfortunately underwent a brain aneurism which rendered him unable to fulfill his financial committment to me. Therefore, it was imperative that I follow the second career choice outlined as per Workers' Comp., and that was the vocation of a Paralegal.

I sucessfully completed the Paralegal Program and graduated with high honors as such. Unfortunately, with both the US economy taking such a downward spiral, and the school not involving itself in student placement after graduation, I am now working as a waitress.

While all education is good education, and I am thankful for what all I've learned thus far, "Medical" truly is my passion in life. One day, God willing, I'll continue my education to obtain a BS in Biology in order to qualify to do what I previously won awards in, given my God-gifted ability to detect subtle microscopic rearrangements, or leave the state of Florida (where their backwards statutes prevent me from continuing in the field I was proficient in for over 15 yrs.), so that I can once again re-enter the world of Cytogenetics.

Photo Gallery of Skeletal Bodies

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shoo!TAGs Update

Hi Y'all, it is now Thurs. July 2, 2009 and I'd like to convey my latest observations regarding these tags for the various animals and myself. The news reports for June have indicated that 6 or so horses have been confirmed in 3 separate counties surrounding my county to have contracted Eastern Encephalitis, and given the initial dry conditions, the intense heat, and now the very wet conditions, we are at the peak of mosquito/fly/flea season in North Central FL.

June 23rd, as last mentioned, I did return the dog tags to Shoo!TAG for them to scan in order to verify the encoding. I am yet to get the results, but they did notify me that they received the tags on the 28th. I'll keep you apprised when I learn more about them, but I'm fully convinced, given the evidence of effectiveness of the other tags, that my dog tags must have been corrupted.

June 28th I bathed both of my dogs, both goats, and my horse with VIP-20 Iodine Shampoo. The mild solution was not rinsed off. I also sprayed the outside of my house, along with the 3 porches, with Indoor/Outdoor house pest spray which says it will kill scorpions, ants, silverfish, roaches, fleas, and the like. While I was spraying around the front porch, in a known "mosquito-ville", I received 2 bites, one to the inside of my right thumb, and one behind my right knee.

Additionally, I spread the Sevin granules along the 12ft. wide security path surrounding the one, one-acre paddock, and lightly spread some Sevin dust on the spot under the tree where Sandy dog lays in the sand.

On June 30th I fully scrutinized the body of my Yellow Tabby, 21 lb. Sorbet. I was very impressed that he did not have even one visible flea crawling on him.

On July 1st, at about 6:30 a.m, I put 2.25 ml of Frontline Plus on Cowboy (60 lb. dog) and 1.5 ml on Sandy dog (40 lbs.). I also sprayed their feet, ears, and hind quarters with an "all natural" herbal mosquito/pest spray called "Beat It", that contains: Citronella, Eucalyptus oil, Tee Tree, Neem, Sweet Orange, lemongrass, & other essential oils blended in Aloe Vera gel and Wheat germ oil.

Around 8:00 a.m., when I went to feed the horse and goats, I saw around 4 flies nesting atop Hertzy's back, and about 6 under his belly. This is the first time in 21 days that the flies have landed on him and stayed so I immediately went to check to see if the tags were still on him. To my surprise, the fly tag was very scratched up, but not the mosquito tag. The scratches were pretty deep. So, I sprayed him lightly with Pyranha fly spray, cleaned off the tags of residue, and went to work.

At around 6 p.m., there were a few flies on him again, but they were slow moving and I swatted them dead.

July 2nd, at 8:00 a.m. I went to feed the horse and goats and no flies were on him much to my surprise. Stacey at http://www.genuineShooTAG.com did say his energy field may have been weak on July 1st, but it may have also been a combination of the scratched up tag, the residues & body oils on the magnetic strip, and the fact that the mosquito tag (which had a piece of scotch tape preventing it from eclipsing the fly tag) had come loose and was covering the good portion of the fly tag, thereby blocking the frequency.

After feedtime, I proceeded to do a "Spring Mucking" of his and the goats stall. I also dusted the mats with a wee bit of Sevin dust to kill the ants that were climbing on my goats feet and biting them. Fresh straw was laid atop the mats.

Around 11 a.m., I recorded a new video using my cellphone since there were about 50+ flies in the stall, swarming inside his feed tub, yet none were on him. When I swished them prior to recording, they all landed on my face, arms and legs, but still only 2 landed on the lower region of his legs. The new video is called Equine Shoo!TAG at 22 days with Scratches.

It is now 7:13 p.m. and I am about to go feed the horse and goats again and will let you know what's up.

Feedtime was uneventful. No flies were on my horse though a zillion were swarming his empty feed tub. Upon putting the new food in, the flies continued to swarm, but none were landing on my horse, signifying that the tags, though damaged, are certainly still working quite well.

All around the feed tubs of the goats, flies continued to swarm their pellets and sweetfeed. Mind you it's about 95 degees outside with high humidity.

It's now 8:25 p.m., and while hanging out with my kids, I received 3 small mosquito bites: one to below the lateral knee, which was very small, one to the inside of the right calf, and one to the outside of the right wrist. All this to say that while the Shoo!TAGs are NOT 100% effective, Lord knows that I'd never be outside in shorts and short sleeves during the "mosquito hours" without the confidence that the damages I were to incur were to be minimal.

See ya next post!

Well, while I was feeding, at 7:00 p.m. I received an e-mail from Stacey Lemire at Shoo!TAG notifying me that while the encoding on my canine tags was intact, nonetheless there was a problem with them as it they had to put them through the reader several times to get positive results on the information. So...hallelujah, as not only are they sending me 2 new tags for both of my dogs, they are also sending me 2 new fly tags for my horse! See...ask and you shall receive, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing!

And by the way, still no fleas visible on Sorbet cat either.

Thank you Lord

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shoo!TAG Products

Shoo!TAG Products

Hi y'all, I'd like to give a short review of what I've experienced thus far, as a user of Shoo!TAG Products which take upto 36 hrs. to reach maximum effectiveness on healthy animals.

As an owner of a 5 acres mini-farm in Central FL, I have 2 dogs, 4 cats 1 ex-Thoroughbred Racehorse, 1 parrot, and 2 goats (Toggenburg/Boer/Dairy/Texas-Spanish blends). Therefore, I am currently invested in the tags for me as a human (mosquito tags), canine (flea/tick), feline (flea/tick), and equine (fly/mosquito).

I first applied the equine tags (June 11th, 2009) by braiding them into my horse's mane, up by the pole of his head. After 28 hrs. on him, the results were astounding and undeniable. The flies and even gnats just hovered around him, but none were landing on him initially, nor biting. It's now been 12 days, and the results with the equine tags prove to be most exceptional. I typically go through approximately $200.00 a yr. in buying the oil based Pyranha fly spray, and have to apply it twice a day during summer months. Since adhering his Shoo!TAGs, I have not had to apply it at all, but have chosen to put a wee bit on my hand and wipe his face and ears to keep the gnats away from the moisture glands.

On the same day, June 11th, I adhered the dog tags to my dogs' collars, on the tag ring. At that time they also had their rabies tag on, which I positioned to make was sure would not scratch the magnetic strip on the tags, nor flap around, causing friction which could interfere with the frequency barrier for the pest in relation to the energy field of the animal. I used a small piece of scotch tape to stop the tags from moving, careful not to put anything atop of the magnetic strips.

On 6/13 I noticed my wirehaired Hungarian Pointer, Sandy scratching her neck (they'd both had a Frontline Plus treatment on June 1st as their last topical), and my Australian Queensland Heeler, Cowboy was scratching his belly. Upon inspection of Sandy, she had a very happy looking flea and eggs/droppings under her one ear. So, on the 14th I removed the rabies tag on both dogs completely. Cowboy turned out to have scratched a sore on his belly as well, so I put sulfa ointment on it, and it healed up well.

On 6/16 I took the Shoo!TAGs off the ring of the collars and taped them onto the inside of the dog's collars, with the magnetic strip free of the duct tape used, and clean.

On 6/17 I noticed 4-6 flies on my horse's belly, and he was stomping his legs a bit too, indicating biting.

On 6/18 my mosquito tag came and I put it on around my neck, hanging above my solar plexus at 11 a.m.

On 6/20 the feline tags arrived and I'm yet to adhere them to their collars as they need to become accustom to wearing collars again first.

On 6/21, at 8 p.m., 81 hrs. after I put my tags on, 3 mosquitoes were sucking blood out of the exposed area of the lower region of my legs, within 10 seconds of each other. I smashed them and then went back into the house and put long pants on.

Today is 6/23, and my dogs have been scratching more and more daily. I searched Sandy's belly first since she is a white dog, and WOW! lots and lots of fleas running all around! So, the tags have been removed completely off of both dogs now, and have been sent back to Energetic Solutions, Ltd, in Austin, TX for either a replacement (should they determine that the tags were de-magnetized), or a refund if the encoding on the tags proves to be active.

Meanwhile, the Frontline Plus has been reapplied to both of my dogs and the one outdoor cat.

At 12 noon today (6/23) I attached the feline tags to the 2 outdoor cats' collars. When I opened the packaging for the Feline Shoo!TAGs I was surprised to see that the ziplock Static Sensitive Bag was NOT sealed shut tightly, allowing air to get in. Since the tags say 2008 on them, my next question would be whether or not these tags that I paid $34.95 plus S/H are even effective now?

Shoo!TAG's Frequently Asked Questions states:
"Our products do not actually kill the pests and therefore, it offers no home protection from fleas or ticks. An alternative to the use of topical chemicals would be a multi-faceted approach which would include treating the yard, frequent vacuuming of the house and installation of flea traps to eliminate any fleas which are brought into the house and fall off the animals."

As for other precautions I will now take: I'll start to use Sevin-5 dust in the sandy areas where my dogs lay under the Cedar trees, I'll also spread Sevin granules in the grassy areas that surround the equine paddocks where the dogs run. Additionally, I vacuum the house regularly and spray the outside and inside of the house for bugs about every 6 months.

FYI: The health of all animals is tip-top. They all eat holistic foods. The dry food for the cats and dogs is manufactured by Solid Gold, Hund-n-Flocken and Katz-n-Flocken. The horse gets a hot mash daily with apple cider vinegar, ground flax seed, OBS brand Hi-Amo sweet feed, wheat bran, organic carrots, Strong's Minerals, corn oil & several quarts of hot water. Plus, he and the goats eat plenty of Orchard Alfalfa blend shipped in from Wyoming or Colorado. As for me, I'm a lacto-ova vegetarian and have been for over 33 yrs. I eat predominately organic foods, rennet free dairy products (low to no-fat), do not eat eggs, do not drink sodas, do not buy or eat refined or bleached flours or pastas, nor do I eat many sugars, but, I do eat lots and lots of hot peppers both jalapenos and Red and Green chiles from NM. I do not smoke, nor put commercial creams on my skin. I do not use products that contain OMC (synthetic sunscreen) either.