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Over the years, I've grown to learn that I'm thankful for all things the Lord has bestowed upon me, both in plenty and in want, as I know that even "times of testing" are tools He uses to refine our character and put us in position to better receive and appreciate Him and the good and abundant things He has for us, pressed down, shaken together, and over-flowing. It’s now 2012, a lot has transpired in the last 4 yrs., and I've developed my own photography business that stands on "Quality without Compromise." It's called Sandra Koster Photography, and you can find me at my website, and on Facebook, where I have both a Page and a Group by the same name. My Mission Statement: To bring to you and your families the essence of the moment, those treasures in time that are memorialized by the awesome invention of the camera. There is no part of God's creation, from the moon to the molecule, on land or under the sea, no animal, plant or bug too big or too small for my attentions. From inland, to the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, to the country, to the jungle, to the shores of the tropical seas I pledge quality work, without compromise.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Year Later

It has now been a year since my last post. In the past year, I completed the Paralegal Program, graduating with high honors. I also learned a lot about our Judicial System, having interned for 5 months for Judge David A. Glant, of the 8th Judicial Circuit, at the Levy County Courthouse. I also made a new friend in Wendy Thurow, his Judicial Assistant, who is such a godsend.
Mary Russ-Tortora, my former race riding colleague and dear friend for over 26 yrs., accompanied me to the ceremony. I was so elated that she would take the time out of her busy life to recognize this achievement with me. It really meant the world to me that she cared and the gift that she and Ricky, her husband, gave me was really unexpected. What a blessing to have such tried, true and trusted friends.

Being that the housing deal I had going with my neighbor's daughter fell through, prohibiting me from moving back to NM just yet, I am now applying myself to finding that future employer in the legal camp. Until then, I am steadily employed by Newberry's Backyard Bar-B-Q, in Newberry, and am very thankful that the Lord opened up a job for me among people that work hard, are professional, and run a tight ship, so to speak, at this very clean restaurant, that has outstanding homemade foods.

Meanwhile, as the grass and weeds continue to grow here, I met a man at Sparr builders a few weeks ago, who convinced me that what I really needed was a goat or two to help relieve my burdens. So, then Albert, one of the managers at the Farm supply, gave me the number to the GoatLady of Levy County, Colette Morris.

Colette and her husband Fred, a Williston Police officer, were very gracious people with their time, talents, and expertise in helping me to learn what all being a proper goat owner would entail. Fred met Colette several years ago, they grew in love, were married, and now, after 2 yrs. of marriage, they live happily ever after on their farm, with all these kids and more!

More on my new goats...Rocky and Layla, later! Until then, it's time for me to start setting feed for all my kids too, as now I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, a horse, a bird, and 2 goats! :-)'


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