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Over the years, I've grown to learn that I'm thankful for all things the Lord has bestowed upon me, both in plenty and in want, as I know that even "times of testing" are tools He uses to refine our character and put us in position to better receive and appreciate Him and the good and abundant things He has for us, pressed down, shaken together, and over-flowing. It’s now 2012, a lot has transpired in the last 4 yrs., and I've developed my own photography business that stands on "Quality without Compromise." It's called Sandra Koster Photography, and you can find me at my website, and on Facebook, where I have both a Page and a Group by the same name. My Mission Statement: To bring to you and your families the essence of the moment, those treasures in time that are memorialized by the awesome invention of the camera. There is no part of God's creation, from the moon to the molecule, on land or under the sea, no animal, plant or bug too big or too small for my attentions. From inland, to the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, to the country, to the jungle, to the shores of the tropical seas I pledge quality work, without compromise.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Life Moves On...

Well, it's now 7/7/07 (Live Earth Day), and the polution of July 4th has past (for the most part). It's been quite a while since I last wrote. While most people joined in celebrations with family and friends on the 4th...it rained here in Williston and due to the volatile nature of my horse being a Thoroughbred, I opted to stay home with my animals, namely my horse, so as to make sure that fire crackers didn't spook him through a fence or something.

The evening went off without complication, and I was very thankful for the rain, being as FL is under a severe drought right now too, and fire hazzards are high. Foolish people who are irresponsible, often burn the houses of others down due to their negligence, and don't even realize the consequences of their flagrant actions. Therefore, due to the rain...my biggest worry now is cutting the grass every week. And with 6 acres, it is a worry, lest the mosquitos overtake me. Plus, being as I feed my horse before work, that means I have to walk out in the wet morning grass at 3:00 A.M....which is not so fun being as the creepy crawly things come out at that time here in FL, and little spiders (and huge ones) build their nests throughout the grass and attach to the trees too! Hence the desire to keep the grass short.

Yes, Florida offers opportunity to partake in all kinds of flora and fauna! What fun!

Meanwhile, as many of you know, I've been invited to serve my internship with Judge Glant at the Levy County Courthouse, the 8th Judicial Circuit, beginning on Mon. July 9th. The semester doesn't officially begin until Aug. 23rd, but the Judge's Judicial Assistant needs help now, so I think it best to get in asap...to be sure to secure my spot before registration...plus, God willing, after a time working for them, when the semester is over, maybe I'll be offered a permanent job with the State...which might then be a tool I could use to tranfer back to Santa Fe and gain a State job there too.

So, how did your July 4th go, what did you do, and what pictures can you post for us all to share? If you'd like to post them on my Flickr blog, just go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/santafesandy/ and have fun.

Lots of love to one and all! you know who. :)

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