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Over the years, I've grown to learn that I'm thankful for all things the Lord has bestowed upon me, both in plenty and in want, as I know that even "times of testing" are tools He uses to refine our character and put us in position to better receive and appreciate Him and the good and abundant things He has for us, pressed down, shaken together, and over-flowing. It’s now 2012, a lot has transpired in the last 4 yrs., and I've developed my own photography business that stands on "Quality without Compromise." It's called Sandra Koster Photography, and you can find me at my website, and on Facebook, where I have both a Page and a Group by the same name. My Mission Statement: To bring to you and your families the essence of the moment, those treasures in time that are memorialized by the awesome invention of the camera. There is no part of God's creation, from the moon to the molecule, on land or under the sea, no animal, plant or bug too big or too small for my attentions. From inland, to the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, to the country, to the jungle, to the shores of the tropical seas I pledge quality work, without compromise.

Friday, January 26, 2007

High Tide, High Noon

Well, it's now high noon on Jan. 26th, 2007 and this is my first entry into my first blog. Tomorrow is my niece's birthday, and I haven't sent her a card, but maybe I can let her know that she is in my thoughts and prayers by acknowledging her here.
I have an appointment downtown in 1.5 hrs. in attempts to secure the ever elusive job, by filling out more paperwork, more applications, a written assessment etc., therefore, I need to wrap this up for now.
I need to load the dogs into the truck now since they too enjoy a car ride. Well, things are changing in my life, just like the ebb and flow of the changing tides. That's a picture I took on Cedar Key, FL back when my Mom was still alive, but just like the passing of life to death, the seasons of our life take on new form as well. See you later...maybe.


Mary said...

Beautiful picture, Sandy

Mary said...

Good luck with your job hunting!!

In2Books said...

Thank you Mary, your kind words are always music to my ears.

Kathy G. said...

Hi Sandy!
Love the picture...it reminds me of places right here. Good luck tomorrow...I know there is a special place God wants you to be,so hang in there...you never know what's right around the corner! Love, Kathy

In2Books said...

Thank you Kathy for your words of encouragement. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how one views these matters, after my 2nd interview with the Office Systems company, I did not get the job offer. So, now I'm still waiting on about 20 other job applications and resume submissions to produce a response.

I also just submitted for 2 more today, both of which are Equine related and want somebody with computer skills as well. So, God willing, somebody in this world will hire me very soon.

I know God has a plan of hope for my life, and I know He knows we all need monetary gain in order to keep a roof over our heads, so, ...I sure pray I get an offer this coming week or sooner!!! Love you too,